Tool carriage Hercules with block system - 940H2BLOCK

locking system
NEW Block safety system, prevents opening of more then one drawer at once. When one drawer is opened, all other drawers are locked and can not be opened.
4 wheels, two with brake
drawers with ball-bearing slides
opening and closing of drawers is very simple due to the uniform solution - drawer handle on the upper side enables users a synchronic grip and opening of a carriage drawer.
the synthetic covering protect drawers and tools from damage
7 front drawers dim. 564x364 mm (5 height 70 mm and 2 height 150 mm)
door with lock
wooden worktop
static load capacity of carriages without wheels: 2300 kg
capacity of front drawers:40 kg
material: sheet metal

LL1L2BB1HH1Purchase request
626800 1182 1040 1080 640 550 955 800 96200 1K 1 add

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